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Why Agastya

Certified Great Place to Work 

An opportunity to create meaningful impact in the society.

Be part of creating innovative learning initiatives at scale.

We currently have no other open positions.

Please leave your CV, and we'll contact you if something becomes available.

Hear from our employees

Venkatesh DW

"Marking a decade of meticulous accounting at Agastya International Foundation where every figure tells a story of educational empowerment."

Swetha K

"When I was a child in school, I experienced a hands-on, joyful learning environment thanks to Agastya, as I was a Young Instructor Leader (YIL). Now, I've been working with Agastya for seven years. The freedom to experiment with various ways of learning here has been invaluable. This freedom allows us to thrive and succeed in our unique paths."

Alok Dwivedi

"While the impact of our work is highly satisfactory, the work culture at Agastya further accentuate this feeling. Agastya team works as a cohesive unit providing lots of care, with nurturing and affection from senior team members."

Basanti Devi

"The organization encourages creativity and innovation, and this has helped me to develop new skills and expand my knowledge. I am constantly learning and evolving, thanks to the supportive and nurturing environment created by the seniors at Agastya. I am grateful to be a part of such a wonderful organization that empower young minds and shaping a better future for our society."

Jashwanth HT

"I enjoy the time and freedom I have with my team, who encourage me to do new things at work and experiment."

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