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Creating a culture of learning

Agastya International Foundation is named for the revered Indian sage Agastya, a beacon of learning and spirituality who traveled across the Indian subcontinent espousing integration and harmony.


The great sage is said to have crossed the Vindhyas from North India to Southern India, unified the two lands, created the Siddha school of herbal medicine and authored a grammar for Tamil Language (an ancient language that flourishes till date).

Our Inspiration

Agastya Muni

The Agastya learning experience

The creative spirit lies at the core of Agastya’s philosophy of education. We believe all children possess an innate creativity that can be awakened through a journey of hands-on exploration, experimentation, discovery and application.

Learning with Agastya is a journey that begins with piquing curiosity and excitement in the child’s mind.

As she explores further, applying her mind and all five senses, she experiences the joy of creativity, discovery and comprehension.

The opportunity to apply her learning and share it with her brings confidence and skill, and the urge to apply it in ways that make a difference to her community.

At Agastya, the student is taught HOW to think, rather than WHAT
to think; ; to apply her learning and innovate freely; and to do so with confidence andcaring for her everyday world.

Agastya believes that creativity is a practice that can be cultivated. While urban, privileged communities are able to provide their students with the opportunity to explore their creativity in multiple ways, Agastya is committed to creating such opportunity for the broadest base of the Indian education system – disadvantaged rural and urban school children.

In sparking curiosity , nurturing creativity and building confidence and caring in these children, we are building a generation of tinkerers, innovators and problem-solvers who we believe can change the world for the better.

The 4 Cs of Agastya

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