Unlocking the creative potential of children and communities across the globe is one of the top challenges of the 21st century. However, nearly 200 million children in India are deprived of quality education as well as functioning facilities such as libraries and laboratories. Mind numbing lectures, low retention and boredom are ubiquitous in thousands of schools across the world.

Now, picture this: A motorbike loaded with models and experiments travelling to a school in India. This is our Lab on a Bike which aims at making hands-on education increasingly accessible in rural areas. Each LoB travels to remote schools with hands-on science models covering topics in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Math for grades five through ten. The instructor holds demonstration sessions in each of his school visits which emphasize on interaction and questioning. This is so that children are able to relate better to concepts explained through interactive sessions rather than through traditional learning methods.

To scale its reach and impact, Agastya had initiated the Lab in a Box (LIB) program in the year 2009. The LIB program comprises of 10 boxes filled with experiments covering different concepts from Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The Lab on a Bike (LoB) program is a variation of the LIB program wherein an Agastya instructor uses the LIB to conduct hands-on science classes in the schools. The Lab on a Bike project is based on a shared-resources model that significantly reduces the operational costs. The motorbike that travels to India’s remote schools is equipped with science models offering an affordable option to reach out to many schools.