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Meaning "the inner urge to know", Jignyasa cultivates students' and teachers' hunger for knowledge by encouraging them to construct models and develop solutions to real-life problems.

Jignyasa began in 2011 and now it is held across 24 States across India. Jignyasa reached the International Level in 2020-21 with participation from Bangladesh. This fair provides students with the opportunity to learn by doing and showcase their creations. Nurture curiosity, creativity, and a love for Innovation at Jignyasa!

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A peek into Jignyasa

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Ambassadors of Agastya's mission

Agastya Foundation has provided an opportunity to present new ideas that solve the problems of society.  Students from rural areas like us get this platform to create scientific awareness among the students.

Vishwapratapsing Mane

I made an organic mask from banana pseudostem which was related to the "Good Health and Wellbeing" Goal of UNSDG.  I learned about new and innovative ideas and got a chance to compete with students from various schools.

Smriti Rai 

Once I had to pluck lemons from a tree. I cut my palm because of thorns. This made me think of making something through which we can avoid the thorns while plucking the lemons. I created a prototype of Lemon Plucker.

Madhinam Ujjeevan 

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