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Bringing hands-on experiential learning to children and teachers across India

Agastya programs are delivered through hub-and-spoke model. Programs like Science Centers, Innovation Hubs and others act as hubs, creating central learning spaces for children. Meanwhile, Mobile Science Labs, Labs-on-Bikes, Dhwani, and other programs go to schools and communities, taking hands-on learning to children's doorsteps. Digital programs like wE-Learn embrace learning in the digital age, providing children valuable resources that are conducive for self and facilitated learning.

Our programs

STEM Centers

Mobile STEM Labs



How we work

Agastya initiatives span the length and breadth of the country. In areas where children cannot come to Agastya, we go to them. Through an innovative mix of mobile science programs, STEM hubs and innovative fairs that are accessible and scalable, we ensure that no child misses out on the joy of learning. 

Hubs and Outreach

STEAM and design thinking hubs  are focal points of learning in cities, towns and villages across India. Our mobile outreach programs extend to remote areas.

Force Multipliers

From training the ignators to creating the  future generation of leaders, our force multipliers amplify Agastya's impact.

Digital Programs

Agastya harnesses technology to create engaging and accessible digital platforms to enable immersive learning experiences and promote self-learning.

Student session

Create hands-on learning experiences for the next million

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