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In response to the educational challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Agastya introduced Acti-Learn 1.0, a pioneering maker book addressing the growing gap in quality learning access. The book encourages self-learning among both young learners and older students, allowing them to explore and create low cost models and experiments.

It champions a child-centric mentorship system, fostering active and joyful engagement in learning through STEM to STEAM activities and storytelling. 

What is it?


Books printed


Creative learning hours



Through 50+ maker activities, children develop crucial self-learning, collaboration, and peer-to-peer learning skills. The activities range from simple to challenging and boast an impressive 94% repeatability rate, promoting deep understanding. 

 Join us and be a part of the curiosity movement

A peek into Acti-Learn


Ambassadors of Agastya's mission

Generally, after school hours, I used to roam the streets without studying, but now I go to the OV Center to study. Thanks for bringing this positive change in me.


 I am very happy to go to the OV Center to learn new things and explore activities like leadership, singing, and dancing, which help showcase our talents. Thanks for this platform where we are shaping our future.


As a student, I do a lot of activities and ask questions about school concepts that are not clear in my mind. I feel free to ask questions to better understand the material.


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