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Mobile STEM Labs


Our Mobile STEM Labs program is based on a simple philosophy: if children can't come to Agastya, Agastya will go to them.


Led by enthusiastic ignators, the Mobile Labs journey to distant schools packed with fascinating models and experiments that spark curiosity and scientific temper among underserved children.

Our goal? To make science irresistibly captivating for every child, ensuring they embrace its wonders with boundless excitement and joy.

What is it?


Mobile STEM Labs


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Here, students delve into the wonders of the natural world through captivating experiments and hands-on demonstrations.


From exploring the principles of physics to unraveling the mysteries of biology, we ignite scientific curiosity and inspire a love for inquiry. Students uncover the extraordinary beauty of the universe around them with every observation and hypothesis.

Mobile Science Labs

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Rockefeller Foundation

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Ambassadors of Agastya's mission

 I found that by understanding the experiments done in Agastya’s sessions I could easily study my science subject for exams.

Sangeetha C

We learned how to make that model from Agastya's instructor. Since Agastya's instructors arrived and conducted the experiments in our school group, whatever work we have done we completed quickly and efficiently.


The sessions have changed my mindset towards logic and understanding, I'm able to acknowledge scientific and creative information"

Deepak Bandi

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